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Here is the list of top lawyers that are available in Seattle, WA. We are sure that you will find the attorney that will be helpful for you.

John Polito is a personal injury and criminal defense attorney that has around 20 years of experience and helps people in Seattle and other cities in western Washington to deal with problems such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, dog bites, criminal traffic offenses, drug charges, and accusations of domestic violence. If you have been injured in an accident or you are facing criminal charges, let an experienced attorney guide you through the legal issues.

Skyline Law Group is licensed and insured to practice law in the State of Washington. They are comfortably located in Seattle, Washington, and serve all of Western Washington. This company is committed to provide high quality, practical and profitable legal judgments in different areas of law. They work for a common goal: to get the best results given your requirements and conditions. They work with homeowners, buyers, sellers, investors, contractors, escrow agents, real estate agents, and business owners in residential and commercial transactions, negotiations, dispute resolution and litigation.

At the CBG Law Group PLLC attorneys can help you surmount your debt disturbances. From personal bankruptcy to tax planning, its time to take action. When you come to law offices of the CBG Law Group PLLC you can always speak immediately with your lawyer. While, some larger firms are happy to pass your case on to a legal assistant, here your case will be handled by the same lawyer throughout the entire bankruptcy process.

The offices of Steven C. Ashlock have combined experience of over 35 years of legal practice. Their practice support is, partly, the representation of those persons defendants of a crime, in other words, criminal defense. They also represent persons involved in administrative proceedings which may be associated with a criminal case. In particular, it may include felonies, misdemeanor, gross-misdemeanors, driving while under the influence and others.

The Law Offices of Stephen K. Monro provides excellent legal services, urgently and effectively, and attaining eminent results. Their goal is to develop and maintain long-term, mutually beneficial, lawyer - client relationships. We provide our clients medical and legal experts who work for increasing of the recovery.