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You definitely should consider these San-Francisco attorneys as the best professionals in jurisprudence. Here is some information concerning these excellent professionals with impeccable reputations.

John Keker has founded Keker & Van Nest in 1978 with his law school classmate Bill Brockett. He is recognized as one of the top trial lawyers in the United States. In 2006, the National Law Journal recognized him as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the United States. In 2003, the San Francisco Chronicle named him the best lawyer in the Bay Area. That same year, American Lawyer called him "a giant of the IP trial bar." And the list of his honors is not finishing with this.

James J. Brosnahan is one of the nation's most respected and recognized trial lawyers, with experience in both civil and criminal trial practice. He was inducted into The State Bar of California's "Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame" in April 1996. Mr. Brosnahan has served as special counsel to the California Legislature's Joint Subcommittee on Crude Oil Pricing, the lawyers' representative to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference and Chairman of the Delegation, and president of the Bar Association of San Francisco.

Joseph Cotchett is also one of the most respected attorneys in the modern American legal society. Cotchett defends anyone he feels needs defense, irrespective of their background. Cotchett is considered one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America - without any doubts one of the most outstanding trial lawyers in California's history. Cotchett shares his experience with the national law community by lecturing at some of the country's top law programs.

Cris Arguedas is recognized as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the United States. In her 20-plus years in private practice, she has represented high-profile customers in some of the most famous cases around the country, as well as many little-known customers on quite routine claims that never make the nightly news.

Chairman of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Larry W. Sonsini has gained international recognition for his expertise in the areas of corporate law, corporate governance, securities, and mergers and acquisitions. Additionally to his duties at the company, which included serving as chief executive officer as well as chairman for more than 20 years, Larry was a member of the board of directors of the New York Stock Exchange from 2001 to 2003.