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Talking about lawyers in Phoenix, AZ, here are the best attorneys of this area. You can find out some in formation about these lawyers from here.

Mr. Borrelli settles all levels of criminal defense and DUI defense claims in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. He is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled felony and misdemeanor criminal charges throughout Arizona. He puts his experience as an Arizona criminal defense lawyer to work to get his customers the best possible results in their claims and to make sure that they are fully informed with every step of the way.

The Gillespie Law company, P.C. is a leading Phoenix, Arizona DUI and criminal defense law company that is dedicated to the active presentation of customers including all aspects of DUI, vehicular crimes and criminal litigation. All cases accepted are entirely explored, intently prepared, and actively litigated. The Gillespie Law Firm has earned its repute for winning complicated cases through focus, hard work and diligent preparation.

Alexis and Mark represent victims in personal injury cases. All of their customers have been seriously injured or have suffered the wrongful death of a loved one due to the failure of someone else. From the first day of its working Breyer Law Offices opened its doors, they have handled only personal injury and wrongful death cases. Breyer Law Offices has a track record of achieving the results they need to help them compensate for the life-altering loss suffered due to another's failure.

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Bohm & Jones have been providing legal services to accident victims in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding area since 1987. They protect the rights of injured people in Arizona. They are Phoenix attorneys who practice only personal injury. Bohm & Jones have been helping customers that obtain recoveries through settlements and trial verdicts since 1987.

James Everett of James Everett & Associates, INC. has been in the Phoenix area since 1980, having formerly represented the Internal Revenue Service for seven years. Many of their customers have come to them through referrals from legal and accounting firms and other professional organizations. Their expertise is highly regarded throughout business and legal circles and our reputation, backed by long-standing customer relationships, is built on confidence and gratification.